Achieve longer, curlier, and fuller eyelashes without damaging your natural eyelashes. These individual eyelash extensions are applied one by one! With a variety of lash lengths and thicknesses available we create the look you desire. (Dermatologically tested.)

Eyelash Extensions Full Set...$200

Eyelash Extensions Express Fill...$30*

7 to 10 days since last touch up

*Not available for first time clients with lash extensions from another salon/spa

Eyelash Extensions Touch up Fill...$55*

2 to 3 weeks since last touch up

*Clients who currently have lashes from other salons may be subject to additional fees up to $45 for extended time to ensure your lashes meet our standards of health and excellence.  Please contact us for further questions.  

Eyelash Extensions Full Fill...$100

4 to 5 weeks since last touch up

Eyelash Extensions Real Minks:

Full set...$200

Touch up Fill ...$55 (2 to 3 weeks since last touch up)

Eyelash Extensions Removal...$25

Lash Lift...$80

Lash Lift

Lash lift is an improved method of curling the eyelashes. Rounded silicone shields are chosen according to your eyelash length and type of curl desired. A series of cream solutions are then applied and lashes are lifted from the root; giving the appearance of longer lashes and a more open eye. This procedure takes about 45 minutes and the results can last from 6-8 weeks. The Lash Lift can be combined with Eyelash Tinting for even more lash enhancement.

Eyebrow Tinting...$15

There are different color choices to make your brows darker with the look you want. Eyebrows are the frame of your face; they should match your skin tone and hair color.

Eyelash Tinting...$15

With darker lashes you won't have to worry about black mascara. Dark lashes make them look fuller.

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